VNDC token, Vietnam’s first stablecoin 2020

VNDC token, Vietnam's first stablecoin
VNDC token, Vietnam's first stablecoin

VNDC tokens are continuously rising on coimarketcap. With a rank of more than 500 at the time of this writing, the VNDC token deserves more attention.

VNDC describes itself as a stablecoin developed by Union VNDC that is pegged 1:1 to the Vietnamese dong (VND). It has ERC20 and BEP2 tokens.

It claims to be supported by sufficient cash and equivalent assets. It aims to become a gateway that allows users to convert their fiat money to stable coin (and vice versa).

VNDC claims to be the first stable coin of Vietnam that offers staking at a 12% annual rate. This system can then be utilized as a mechanism for trading and hedging in the global crypto markets.

VNDC comprises VNDC Reserve and VNDC Network. Commercial users, resellers, and issuers are required to be involved in VNDC Reserve or VNDC Network.


I. What is VNDC token?

VNDC is a financial company established in July 2019 in Singapore.

You can understand that VNDC is a digital asset bank that stores assets like BTC / ETH / USDT and CHI.

“VNDC helps convert crypto and provide professional services to the Vietnamese Blockchain community.”

VNDC wishes to develop into the first Stablecoin for the Vietnamese community worldwide.

Currently, VNDC token is built according to ERC-20 standard of Ethereum platform and BEP-2 of Binance Chain platform and operates based on smart contracts.

VNDC is pegged to the VND in a constant 1: 1 ratio and is guaranteed in VND, USDT,

VNDC tokens that can be converted to BTC, ETH and other equivalent assets.

VNDC token has been listed on major exchanges such as Nami.Exchange, ExMarkets, Finexbox or VinDax.

The value of VNDC assets is always guaranteed by the amount of real assets corresponding to the exchange rate of 1 VNDC = 1 VND, deposited by major commercial banks in Vietnam and supported with assets up to 100 million dollars, by Nexo.

token VNDC

II. VNDC token strength.

1. Stability

The VNDC token always has a fixed value attached to VND (1 VNDC = 1 VND). VNDC holders can exchange to VND, BTC, ETH, USDT, CHI at any time without limitation.

Vietnamese users get the benefits of trading on exchanges with VNDC 2.0 without being affected by price fluctuations like other cryptocurrencies.

2. Confidentiality

VNDC 2.0 is developed based on the Ethereum Blockchain technology according to ERC 20 standard, providing users with safety and reserve when used.

VNDC users can convert to other assets like BTC, ETH, and CHI at a very low cost.

Not only that, VNDC is now protected by Cystack technology, the processes become easy without losing security.

CyStack Platform makes the system protected and user friendly, even if it is a new user.

3. Easy and convenient

By accessing – VNDC token conversion portal using Blockchain, users can convert VNDC to VND directly into the bank account they use at extremely low fees.

What is most annoying and unsettling is the time spent waiting for transactions, because the exchange rates between currencies are always changing, other conversion platforms will take time to calculate to terminate the delivery. Translate.

Combined with’s reliable platform, customers almost have no delays or delays when converting from VNDC to VND / BTC / ETH / USDT / CHI … with very low cost.

VNDC’s orientation is to be in the top 10 international exchanges including Binance, Houbi, Okex, Cryptocompare …

4. VNDC token transactions are transparent and public.

All transactions are hosted with blockchai 2.0 technology, all transactions are published daily.

All VNDC tokens in circulation are secured by the amount of VND deposited at the partner bank.

This ensures trust from users in the system.

III. Potential of VNDC project.

Currently, VNDC is integrated with Binance’s Trust Wallet. You can exchange VNDC on Binance Dex easily and conveniently.

VNDC will become the first “stablecoin” of Vietnam to be included in the world cryptocurrency basket.

Good support for transactions, creating maximum benefits for users. Strong security to help you secure your assets.

VNDC token

IV. You can now earn free VNDC tokens

Why should you join to earn tokens for VNDC?

Register and receive 10000 VNDC tokens. You can start from scratch to generate income.

VNDC tokens rank over 500 on coimarketcap. The coins in the top 1000 are potential coins to own.

Receive up to 10,000 – 25,000 VNDC tokens when you refer 1 new user.
Your friends recommend you also have an additional income of 10000 VNDC
You can act as an agent on VNDC
Can deposit to receive interest with 12% / year starting with 10000VNDC
You should create 1 VNDC account to join their referral program via the link below.

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V. The services of VNDC.

1. The preeminent feature of CREDIT LINE auto loan

The demand for financial investment is huge, catching this trend, VNDC has implemented the CREDIT LINE program.

You can borrow crypto through digital assets you hold, without selling your assets.

This feature is fully automated and varies with each customer’s specific needs at the lowest cost.

2. Staking daily interest service

In the “Staking Daily” program, customers can increase by 12% per year for VNDC value and 6% per year for USDT value held on VNDC system. is the first conversion port to staking up to 12% / year on the total balance of VNDC accounts. Receive daily interest at rate of 0.033% / day.

This attracts both value investors and venture capitalists who want to hold cryptocurrencies until the market rallies.

Works on Ethereum 2.0 blockchain platform, safe, 100% transparent.

3. Why VNDV?

– No limit for the country where the digital download is posted.
– Unlimited number of digital assets sent.
– Eliminate unwanted obstacles.

Currently, Vietnamese customers have to go through many intermediaries to be able to own cryptocurrencies and use them to invest or to conduct transactions for purposes such as studying abroad, traveling, medical treatment abroad …

Converting VNDC through USDT, BTC, ETH and vice versa with, customers can eliminate many intermediary conversion steps, costly.

The crypto owner can convert crypto to VNDC at the best market rate and convert VNDC into VND for withdrawal to an account at any time.

In contrast, for value investors or venture capitalists, investing with a small amount of capital right from the start can be converted from VND to VNDC and then using VNDC to convert and own other cryptocurrencies.

VI. Conclusion on the article about VNDC token

Above is a share about token VNDC, a potential token of Vietnam.

The information about VNDC is transparent and clear. The VNDC token is valid, so today you should own the VNDC token.

Additionally you can earn this token for free, with up to 25,000 tokens for 1 referral.

Thank you for reading the sharing article if you find the content useful.


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