Shortening links to make money is not new. In fact, many people make lots of links shortening pages, but it is really effective, most of them are unstable, and lack professionalism. I evaluate making money with shortening links on timebucks is quite effective, reputable and flexible, as well as the amount of money per click.

In addition, timebucks also have more than 12 ways to make money from easy to difficult, from as little as a few $, a few thousand dollars a month.

First you need to understand what is timebucks and how to register for a timebucks account.

I. Learn about Timebucks.

There are more than 13 ways to make money on timebucks, such as watching videos, captcha, posting video tik tok, affiliate marketing, running extremely cheap ads, lottery, referring friends, shortening links on timebucks … if You know how to shorten links, you can make a lot of money from timebucks.

You are paid on Thursday when your account has enough $ 10, you can receive payments in BTC or other ways.

To register for a timebucks account, please click on the link below to go to their homepage.

Link to register a timebucks account to receive $ 1 now

Use your facebook account or e-mail to sign up for timebucks.

Registration is easy, free.

II. Instructions for shortening links on timebucks.

Step 1

Once you have a Timebucks account, login to your account, then go to “Earn” to choose how to make money on timebucks.

shortening links on timebucks

Step 2

At “Earn” you can choose up to 12 ways to start making money on timebucks.
To earn BTC by shortening the link on timebucks, click the “Links” section, there is a link icon.

shortening the link on timebucks

Step 3

In position 1, you copy the link to be shortened, continue to click position 2 “Generate Link” to create short links on timebucks.

To earn BTC by shortening the link on timebucks

Wait about 3 seconds – 5 seconds for the system to create a new link for you. You will then get a link that looks like this.

shortening links on timebucks.

Copy shortened links, share on website, youtube, facebook, tiwtter, forums …

No matter who clicks, you get money, the amount depends on the user in the region. You get paid the most if users are from the US.

So I have shown you how to make money with shortening links on timebucks

Next, I will share notes so you can work effectively, you should create many other ways to optimize income.

III. Detailed instructions on how to earn BTC by shortening links on timebucks.

1. Why should make money with shortening links on Timebucks?

Nam shared this timebucks page for you, to help you earn money (earn BTC) for the following reasons

Prestige (operating since 2014)
No annoying popups
Weekly payment
Moderate withdrawal Min ($ 10)
Timebucks shares tips for making you money (great support)
There are many other ways to make money (12+ other ways)
Payment through Bitcoins and payeer, and other forms of payment.
Rate reasonable
Refer friends to increase income

Link to register a timebucks account to receive $ 1 now

2. How to make money with shortening Timebucks link?

Step 1: Choose a niche, for example

I like to make money online. Nam will find articles and videos about making money online to share.

Step 2: Choose a marketing channel

Social networks, forums

You can choose Facebook, Tiwtter, generally social networks … to get started. This way you should create or join those groups to share.

Join many groups to share links, but do not act as spam, otherwise you will be kicked out of the group.

Go to forum groups that need and share, such as weight loss forum, copy a video and ask a question like:

There are a lot of mixed streams on this video, check it out and let me know your point.

This makes them curious and try it. If they click on the link you have made money with the shortened link timebucks successfully.

This way you don’t need a lot of skills, but your time and income is limited.

Make a shared blog

Blogging collects information that many people need help with, such as software, courses, textbooks, etc.

Write a review, share your skills then cleverly insert a shortened link, which makes it easier for readers to click the shortened link.

The advantages of this method are more professional, more durable, and certainly make better, but requires you to have knowledge, writing, and SEO to earn traffic.

Making youtobe

If you have a blog, then there is no reason that you do not make videos to make money with shortening links on timebucks.

Similar to the way of blogging, you must have SEO skills, making videos, making content, in order to be successful.

3. Why can make money by shortening the link on Timebucks

When users click on the link, they will be redirected to a new page, on its interface there will be a series of paid videos and articles to display.

Users tend to watch or read this content, when timebucks get paid.

They shared it with you because you were the one who recommended the link.

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Make money with publish0x, Earn Crypto by Blogging and Reading

How to make money on tiktok effectively in 2020?

How to make money on timebucks 2020 ?

Detailed timebucks review, paid timebucks or scams?

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4. Focus on shortening links on timebucks

You should only do one page shortened links to make money, it helps you optimize your income.

Make money with shortening links on timebucks 2020

This is your latest payment e-mail from timebucks, Nam recommends choosing the shortened checkout link with timebucks for long-term and sustainability.

Link to register a timebucks account to receive $ 1 now

5. Bonus

A great way to get a lot of clicks on links, is to post very interesting news on your Facebook timeline, then tag multiple friends in the post and write captions on “PLEASE SHARE.” .

That way when your friends share your posts on their wall for their friends to see, the post can spread and you’re using the power of your network of friends to spread the post.

A lot of users have had great success doing this and it may work even better than sending each message to everyone.

If you know people with large Facebook or Twitter pages, these are the best people to refer to TimeBucks because you can earn a lot of commissions from them by using the link tab (shorten the link on timebucks).

IV. Concluding remarks on the article “Making money with shortening links on timebucks 2020”

Above is the article sharing about link shortening on timebucks, if you are interested in making money with affiliate reduction, you can sign up for an account and create your money making tips.

Shortening the link requires persistence and creativity, in order to be sustainable in the long run, you should make a blog to get started.

Thank you for reading the article, share if you feel the content is useful.


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