Make money with publish0x, Earn Crypto by Blogging and Reading

How to make money with publish0x publis0x review
How to make money with publish0x publis0x review

Read articles and get paid for with tokens, how to make money with publish0x by blogging, joining the ambassadors program, is that all about publish0x, which we should review publish0x?

You can make more money than you ever thought possible when participating in making money with

In this detailed article, Nam will review for you to better understand to be able to make money with publishox effectively.

Let’s learn about and how to make great money on publish0x.

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I. Sign up to Publish0x

To be able to get started with publishox you need to register for an account, the registration is very simple, see the instructions.

First click on this link to start making money with account registration link

You can choose to sign up with your Facebook, Twitter or Email account. If you have an account, click Login to login.

how to make money on publish0x
how to make money on publish0x

II. Make money with Publish0x

There are 3 ways you can make money with, which are viewing articles (reading newspapers), publishing content (blogging on publishox), acting as ambassadors (doing affiliate marketing).

Login and start choosing how to make money with

1. Read the newspaper making money with publish0x

After logging in you will be taken to the main interface of publishox, here you can click on any article.

Click on the position of the article title to start reading, they are located in the highlighted area, these are the contents published on publish0x.

The total income of the article publisher who is paid by people is displayed below the article title, for example in the picture above that $ 1.47 is paid in BAT.

This is a Brave electronic currency with a very high rank today, you can find out here.

How to make money on brave?

publish0x review
publish0x review

When you go through the article scroll down to see the other interactive content such as in position 1 is like or dislike the article.

In order to receive money you need to share it with the content publisher at least 20%. In position 2 and 3 is a slider, when dragging the blue circle to slide to position 2, you will share 20% to the author, get yourself 80%.

Conversely, if you drag the circle to position 3, you will divide the author more%, up to 100%.

Then press TIP at position 4 to receive money.

You have to wait ~ 10 minutes for the next TIP, the next TIP for the same author is after 24 hours.

review publish0x account registration link

2. Blogging to make money on publish0x.

This is a form of blogging on publishing, where you don’t need your own website, but you can still develop your content.

The readers will TIP for you as the number 1, depending on the quality of the article, your income will be high or low.

You need to register for copyright, and wait for publis0x to accept.

3. Introduce your friends to make money with also has a referral program, they call it an “ambassador program”

By referring new users, you get 5% based on the amount he gets TIP, and the referral bonus.

In the right corner of the screen, you will see your name near the bell, where your display name, click there is a drop-down menu, select Dashboard.

Select Affiliate Stats to get marketing links.

Your link should look like this, copy it and share it with your friends.

4. How to make a lot of money on

  1. Share your referral link to everyone, recommend the publishox features to your friends to start making money on publish0x.
  2. You can use youtobe channel, website (like Nam) … to review publish0x.
  3. Publish content on
  4. Do all three ways to make money with effectively.

III. What is

Publish0x is a site that pays you, when you read articles on it, the same way you read articles on regular websites.

They also pay you up to 5% when you introduce new members to this site via your affiliate marketing link. They call it the ambassador program.

The special thing you can write and publish your works on you also get paid, great than you will be donated readers to donate money, this helps you make money with publishox better.

Publish0x does not have its own cryptocurrency, they are sponsored by partners.

The money to be paid is valuable cryptocurrencies such as BAT, DAI … and withdrawn to the ETH wallet.

IV. The scam Publish0x website?

What interests you is the project a scam site?

Of course this interest is very normal when participating in any site that makes money, but do not worry about this issue.

Firstly, this is a free website, you do not lose anything when participating in it, instead of surfing the normal newspaper page, not paying any money, you surf and get paid electronically.

Monday is not an investment site, it is not subject to any monetary pressure such as interest payments.

Next we will check the publish0x website’s reputation with the following criteria. review.

1. Look up the domain name

This website registers in 2018 on October 24, 2018 and expires on October 20, 2020.

In 2019 it officially works, you can see details at

how to earn money on publish0x
how to earn money on publish0x

2. Check rank and user. is ranked around 21,845 in the world, with about 0.0049% of global users accessing and using publishox every day.

According to the statistics of hypestat, there are about 222.3K people visiting publish0x every day, which is a great number.

In addition, the number of users in countries is quite diverse, especially all the leading developed countries are the US, and countries such as the United Kingdom, Austria …

The diversity of countries and users makes us more confident when participating in making money with

V. Types of money on Publish0x review, and how to pay.

Currently, there are copper coins such as DAI, BAT, HYDRO, BNTY, LRC are rewarded to users.

You will need 1 ETH wallet because they will pay you with ETH.

They pay you on every Monday, min min minimum 3 BAT min, you can look up the price of BAT on the coimarket and then multiply to know.

There are also other coins all drawn to the ETH wallet.

To withdraw money continue to Dashboard and select Payments

VI. review

Above is a publish0x review article, you can see that this is a legitimate website.

Make money by viewing articles and TIP for authors, writing useful content, recommending publish0x to your friends.

Low withdrawal, liquidity on Monday every week, publish0x deserves a website you should find out in 2020.

You can sign up for the experience simply because it’s free. account registration link

Thank you for reading the article, share if you find the content useful.


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