How to make money on tiktok effectively in 2020?

How to make money on tiktok
How to make money on tiktok

How to make money on tiktok?
How to make money on tiktok effectively?
How many ways to make money with tiktok that you do not know …

You have a tiktok channel with a high number of followers, or you are a celebrity, hot girl, hot boy … or you are new to tik tok, then there is a fact that you can make money on tiktok.

Hello! I’m Nam.

In this article Nam will share with you ways to make money on tiktok, no matter who you are, watch the article.

I. How do you make money on Tik Tok?

Currently to make money on tik tok you usually have to be people like actors, singers, etc., there are famous people with hard fans.

The videos they upload to tik tok are often followed by their fans.

Either you are a hot boy, a hot girl, better yet you can have an attractive voice, you can also make money on tik tok.

Or you’re a youtobe maker, you know how to make awesome videos, you can make money on tik tok.

The basic thing is you have to have a large number of viewers and followers to reach many customers.

There will be multiple contacted product vendors that place ads on your videos or invite you to promote their products and they will pay you under a contract.

But if you are not a person with unique, elite, outstanding … as above, can you make money with tik tok or not? The answer is yes!

Nam will share with you how to make money with tiktok although you are not famous, influential, a hot boy, a hot girl …

Do you want to know more about how to make money on this tiktok or not, you only need to have 1 tiktok channel with at least more than 10,000 followers.

Nam will share it with you again, the secret is here, follow along.

How to earn money on tiktok
How to earn money on tiktok

II. How to make money on tiktok? (6 ways)

1. Make money with tiktok on timebucks

It sounds strange, what is timebucks, why can make money with tiktok on timebucks?

And how to make money on tiktok from timebucks?

To simplify the problem you can understand, timebucks are 3rd parties, they look for partners who own high-profile tiktok channels.

They and you will work together to integrate your tiktok channel into timebucks, and share with you the videos you need to advertise, so you can post on tik tok.

You get the cost to complete the campaign they give, up to $ 10 – $ 20 for 1 campaign. Day 2 – 3 campaigns are full of life already.

There are 19 types of topics to choose from such as travel, dance, fashion, beauty … I believe there will be a theme that is right for you.

The way to make money on tiktok from timebucks is a bit different, you do not need to be influential, hot boy, hot girl … Although you are just an ordinary person, you can start making money with your tiktok channel from the number 0. You think I’m joking, no, check out the review article on timebucks, you’ll know you can totally start making money from your tiktok channel.

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How to make money on brave?

How to make money on timebucks 2020 ?

Detailed timebucks review, paid timebucks or scams?

Brave browser reviews, is it good?

Link to register timebucks account, get $ 1 immediately when you register.

2. Do Tik Tok stars make money?

Yes, they can.

Stars build personal brands, and make money from tiktok, they associate with brands, or sell their products.

With quality videos aimed at a certain number of users, you can get coins from fans, which can be used in tiktok and exchanged for real money.

This method of making money on tik tok is used in many countries, it is very popular.

3. Link sales with 3rd parties to earn money on tiktok

Influential people and famous people, who have strong spillover power, will be the objects that companies, services, brands … consider as potential partners.

You can enter into cooperation with them, help them advertise their products and services and receive commission under contracts.

This is the way many influential people often apply, to be able to earn money on tiktok.

how to earn money on tiktok
how to earn money on tiktok

4. Trading your own product on tiktok to make money.

There is nothing better than having a good product, you can run your own business to make money with tiktok.

The products should be suitable for young people, because the majority of tiktok users are teenagers, products such as clothes, shoes, lipstick … will be popular items.

You can also choose products according to trends or preferences, the age of the fans to optimize sales.

You can make a video of inserting your products and lead the audience to find the product naturally, if the customer needs, the sales rate is very high.

If you use this method to make money on tik tok, then you all need to know how to make professional tik tok sales videos.

Other than making fun videos, professional tik tok sales videos require more skills and knowledge.

5. Doing affiliate marketing (Affiliate Marketing) on tiktok

How to make money on tiktok? => do affiliate marketing.

Unlike the third way, you will not sell your products but sell other people’s products, understand as simple as online collaborators.

You need to practice marketing skills such as attractive content to easily reach users.

The advantage of affiliate marketing is
– No need to own the product

– No need to delivery, customer care

– Get started with low cost

– Learn a lot of marketing skills

Do you want to do affiliate marketing?

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6. Self-taught to run ads to earn money on tiktok

Like facebook, or other social networks, tik tok also has its own community.

So this is also a gold mine if mined properly, such as running ads to make money tiktok.

Why should ads run on tik tok?

  • A large number of users, especially young people, so the opportunity to sell is too great.
  • Less competitive than Facebook, Google ….
  • The attraction on tiktok is huge.

As with other forms of advertising, you need skills, knowledge and experience if you do not want to face down.

make money on tiktok
make money on tiktok

7. Do you make money with TikTok?

With the 6 ways to make money above for you to choose, now, do you make money with TikTok?

III. What is Tiktok?

Tik tok can be considered as a social network with the sharing of funny funny videos, along with songs, easy editing icons, so tik tok is increasingly popular in the world.

Now more trends are being made of videos, which in turn leads to more users for tik tok.

Originating in China, it was founded by Truong Nhat Minh in September 2016 and quickly spread in Asia and around the world.

Developed from 2016 to now, tik tok can also compare with youtobe in many ways, including ways to make money on the tiktok platform.

IV. Steps to develop a million views tiktok channel

We all know that to make money on tiktok, having a million views tiktok channel is a dream, but it is not easy to develop such a tiktok channel.

Check out the sharing below to start building your tiktok channel.

1. Start with 1 unique tiktok profile

Create a unique TikTok profile. Think about creating content that people will welcome and enjoy continually.

This is a way to help your TikTok account to increase the number of free followers.

Your profile must be unique, clear about the subject, help others to know your identity, and make you unique.

2. Catch up with the emerging trends

To keep your videos engaging, you should keep up with the hot trends on the internet, cool songs, videos, etc.

You can find them on social networking sites to keep up with the current trends.

3. Choose a topic that is engaging and lasting

Choosing topics for development is an important factor, you should choose topics for a certain group of users.

Please note, this topic must have a certain number of people interested, more important it must develop in the long run.

4. Use hashtag (#)

Using the # will help people find your video faster, these # tags should include trending, hot keywords.

Or it can be long-term keywords that are searched by many people, knowing how to take advantage of hashtags is a simple but extremely effective way to reach users.

5. Start following cross

You can also find groups or fanpages that allow members to share tiktok links and follow each other, increasing interaction.

This is a simple and quite effective tip.

Or you can follow anyone, a small percentage they will folloew you there, do not miss this, you just give and will get back.

6. Create personalized videos

Create your own videos, tiktok appreciates this, if you are confident in your talent, beauty, or anything that you think is excellent, outstanding …

Make interesting videos right now and post them on tiktok.

This is one of the ways to develop tiktok channel and start making money on tiktok from the videos themselves.

7. Background music and commitment to good video quality

Background music is also an important factor if you want to develop your titkok channel.

Make sure the track is appropriate for the video.

More importantly, it is right for your users.

Download videos regularly, stable video quality, these are important criteria for everyone to watch your channel.

There is no need for constant posting, but be regular, care about the quality of your videos.

8. Use of social platforms

Please link social accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter …

This is a free way to pull traffic for your tiktok channel, you can leave a short description with a tiktok link or a video to let people know about your tiktok channel.

This is one of the effective ways that you should apply if you want to start making money from your titok channel.

earn money on tiktok
earn money on tiktok

9. Join other people’s video comments

This is an effective tip to build interaction for your tiktok channel, comment on other people’s videos, get their attention and comments, and cleverly invite them through your tiktok channel to interact.

But remember the comments must be unique so they pay attention to you.

10. Cooperate with other tiktokers

What is this about?

Very simple, please call the other tiktoker duet with you, this helps the two sides pull interaction from other viewers.

However, the two parties must have a similar audience salary, you cannot collaborate with an unknown person but his followings are much higher than yours, he doesn’t care about you.

11. How many followers do you need to make money on TikTok?

On timebucks, you don’t need too much to start making money with tiktok, but in order to make a lot of money, you need at least 50,000 – 100,000 followers.

Link to register timebucks account, get $ 1 immediately when you register.

V. Concluding remarks on the article “how to make money on tiktok”

How to make money on tik tok?

With the 6 ways to make money with tik tok shared above, you can start building a tiktok channel and set a goal of making money from there.

At the root of the problem is that you have to have a good tiktok channel with interactive tracking, now answering the question of how to make money on tik tok is not too difficult for you.

Making money with any form is not easy, so you need to be serious, learn more to be able to make money on tik tok effectively.

Thank you for reading the article, share if you find the content useful.


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